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If the person is working in the construction or maintenance, then that workplace may require the person or his employees to work at heights every now and then, if not required regularly. If this is the situation for any person then, it’s important that person know the rules and the rights he is having. Baseline’s […]

Banksmen and signallers course ?

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What is a banksman? Banksmen are the operatives who are trained so that they are able to direct vehicle movement on or around site. So they are called as the traffic marshals Can banksmen be still used for the reversing vehicles? Banksmen can be used only in case if they are trained and authorised . […]

How to write a good CV

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First gather what type of information a CV contains. Lot of CVs contains the candidates personal information, the information related to the education and qualifications. Apart from it the CV contains the candidates work experience, interests and achievements. Candidate should also mention the skills, and references. Also the experienced people look into the resume of […]