About this qualification

The qualification has been made to give the understanding and skills which are very much important for the development of good assessment practice in all types of learning situations. This qualification is designed in such a way to enable people to access the kind of learning appropriate and which is related to their level of involvement in assessment and the type of learning being assessed

Size of qualification

This Level 3 Award qualification has a credit value of 3.


Supported distance learning

To qualify the Level 3 Award the student has to go through a series of three modules. Each and every module is structured with set activities to enable you to:


  • To collect the evidence for the qualification
  • To have the guidance on the way to present your evidence
  • The way to use the e-portfolio system

The candidate will be having the access to through VQLearner Home to online resources and at the same time the different Open University courses to help you develop knowledge and understanding for the qualification. You will also receive support from the VQAC Learner Support Team and your allocated assessor.


How long will it take?

After the registration the management will see that your qualification has a stated end date. The candidate can complete his qualification very early than the end date if the candidate is able to submit work regularly and at a good pace.


If the candidate is not able to complete his registered qualification by the stated end date he/she may be able to apply for an extension which will incur additional fees.

Qualification content and how it is assessed

The mandatory credit in this award (3 credits) is included in the mandatory unit.


The whole unit of award is divided into learning outcomes with associated assessment criteria, for more information on the requirements.


The main motto of this important unit is to understand the Principles and Practices of Assessment and requires you to know and understand the principles and practices that underpin assessment.


The candidate has to write a reflective account to show up the knowledge and understanding and complete a workbook that shows your research into assessment practice and associated legal requirements.


Who should do this course?

The L3 AUPPA is made for the people who wants to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of assessment without the use to practice as assessors. It is a knowledge-only award. It has been designed:


  • For the people who are not in an assessor’s role or for the people who have only started their journey as an assessor in the further education and skills sector / private sector
  • For the people who are willing to know more about assessment and also for the people need to know about assessment practice as part of their role
  • For the people who want a small qualification so as to make them to make career choices
  • For the people who are not currently practicing like it can be a starting point for aspiring assessors or a professional development qualification for managers, HR or quality assurance personnel
  • For the people who are showing out assessments as well as the quality assurance in most learning environments including FE, Adult Continuing Learning, Employers and Third Sector
  • For the people who are carrying out quality assurance in each and every sector of occupation.
  • For the people working in accredited learning or may be working in a non accredited learning like where people may check the performance but do not assess for a qualification; the NQF and the RQF
  • For the people who have already achieved some kind of education and training or may have achieved the learning and development units that can be carried forward into this qualification
  • For the people who have completed some introduction to training qualifications