Formula skills is one of the B1 training centre in Southall, London area and Birmingham areas the exam of the UK citizenship that is Trinity SELT B1 English Course in Speaking and Listening which is important to have the British passport and to remain in the British. The experienced instructors here make their own learning plans to suit all ages, levels, interests and learning needs.

Here at formula skills we provide the various English language courses which lead to an approved B1 ‘Skills for Life’ qualification. After the completion of B1 training course the candidate can become ready for B1 Exam. If by some how the candidate fails to pass in the exam, the course of training will be repeated to the candidate until the student gets passed. During the course you will be provided with helping videos for passing the exams.

Requirement for the test

  • Applicant has to pass out the Life in the UK Test and
  • Have a B1 in Spoken English speaking & listening qualification at CEFR or higher level.

Requirement for the test

  • Phase I is having the discussion on the prepared topic like hobby, family, home, country which is chosen by the applicant itself. The duration of the discussion is about 5 minutes. On the completion of the topic given by the examiner to Applicant will be ended up by the discussion held by the examiner.
  • Phase II is having the discussion between the Applicant and the examiner. The applicant in this phase has to show all the verbal skills by presenting his knowledge and gets an opportunity to exchange information routine topics. Conversation is having the discussion on two of the subject areas which includes the daily life activities. Applicant has to talk on two of the topic as mentioned below:
    Means of conveyance
    Special Occasion

Requirements of the exam

  • Passport/Residence permit
  • Recent proof of address
  • 1 Passport size photographs